Methode Physiodermie

Every woman always dreams of her best performance. It is usual if each woman in the world will pay attention to enhancing their natural beauty, level and unique style. 
A skin care named Methode Physiodermie used at AYA Spa & Skincare adapted to every type of skin which will allow you to achieve those visible and lasting results. This product is manufactured according to high standards of the Swiss Pharmaceutical industry and gets the majority of market share in Europe and USA since 1974. Its innovative concept combining morphologies, natural products and the MEIMA, Methode Physiodermie is greatly contributing to the future evolution of beauty care.
All of Physiodermie skin care products are extracts from natural active ingredients with the highest quality (essential oils, seaweeds, botanical compositions following clean process), as well as encapsulated such high dosages of therapeutic essential oils to reach deeply targeted tissues. Its safety may apply for the sensitive or post-surgery skin. Additionally, these products’ quality are checked carefully and trusted by doctors in Switzerland. 
Being the high-quality product, it is also adapted to the individual and their morphology and physiology. Thanks to this innovative concept combining morphological analysis, MEIMA technology and natural products, Methode Physiodermie contributes to achieving real lasting and customized results. Therefore, the active ingredients are diffused at different intervals in the cutaneous tissues and released where the skin's cells are in need. Besides the functions as cleaning your skin and removing toxins from your body, Physiodermie products help to effect well on the main problem of skin as cells. At AYA Spa & Skincare, you can experience with a complete range of products including facial and body treatment to have an immediate sense of well-being and more importantly, significant results.
Furthermore, at AYA Spa & Skincare, we also apply Physiodermie products into manual techniques that are used in the skin care program enhance facial procedures such as anti-aging. So, it helps keep your skin in perfect condition to perform all of its essential functions for the whole body. Especially, at AYA Spa & Skincare, customers can have a chance to use treatment methods named Manual Lymphatic Drainage (M.L.D.) và Manual Face & Body Lift up Massage. That is the reason why AYA Spa & Skincare is not just about fulfilling all of your relaxation and beautification needs but also exceeding your expectation.
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