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With outstanding therapists experienced with such massage techniques as Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, Thai massage, Indian massage... we ensure you of a relaxing atmosphere and a blend of indoor pampering that will leave you in nothing less than a luxurious state of ease and renewal.

With a staff of experienced, friendly, skin care products derived from natural techniques combined with bold oriental massage. AYA Spa would like to bring to you a moment to relax after a tiring day and enjoy the beautiful life each day. 

Method systemic lymphatic massage - morphology on the face and body is a systemic engineering lymphatic system in aesthetics, with the goal of eliminating toxins, boost metabolism process re- tissue, increase metabolism and reconstructed epidermis to keep skin young, healthy and radiant. 

Digestion method massage - morphology has been developed to combat intestinal problems or abnormalities of the digestive system. 

Methode PHYSIODERMIE massage techniques with unique hand-built morphological relationship of the individual to excel combined product safety, efficiency, natural extracts will give you the results of highest data.
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