Food dispel heat


When the outdoor temperature soaring back then yogurt is a solution to help you balance your body temperature. You can use yogurt mixed with mashed fruit such as mango, strawberry, kiwi ... or fruit juice such as pear, apple, peach ... more hot stone feeling dissipated quickly.

Coconut water

Coconut water is considered soft drinks are delicious and cheap. In the coconut water contains less sugar and sodium content to help supplement and enhance the body's energy. Coconut water is also known as potassium and other minerals to regulate its internal services and additional water for the body. In addition, studies have shown that coconut water can fight against cancer and aging very well.


Some fruits can help you stay calm and reduce the feeling of sultry summer. Eat watermelon to prevent dehydration and restore the amount needed for the body in summer. You should note should not be buying small pieces of watermelon sold roadside. For quality, hygiene and safety can not be guaranteed very susceptible to infections leading to diarrhea. Take a watermelon and you can enjoy the many fruits of oxidation is good for health immediately.


The fruit contains no calories and eat more fiber can eat when you want, without fear of gaining weight. Eating cucumbers also provides a large body of water, food this summer also work to reduce heat and inflammation.


Should the cool mint mint drug consumption is heat, detoxification is very good. Mint used in combination with a variety of drinks to bring refreshing flavor. You can plant mint around the house is very convenient to use.


Vegetables are healthy foods year round. In the summer you should feed them more because of high water content in green vegetables help your body cool.


Onions have excellent cooling properties. You can add it to curries, sauces, salads and chili to help keep you cool. Red Onions are rich in quercetin, a natural anti-allergy against. Also onions also protects you against heatstroke.


This is a fruit contains 90% water. Eating cantaloupe in the summer to help you cool and ensure enough water for the body.

Lemon juice

These fruits are rich in Vitamin C stimulates the release of enzymes in the body and helps eliminate toxins. Drinking lemon water in the morning first will help balance the acidity of the food that we eat and produce alkaline.


In the summer the ice cream dish is made we can hardly ignore. The delicious refreshing ice cream can help you enhance the feeling of water and reduce heat. You can make ice cream at home and use it as a bad idea at all.
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Food dispel heat
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